Who We Are

Blue Djinn Studios is an Austin, Tx based Film, Animation, and Art studio. Working in nearly every media available, Blue Djinn Studios offers limitless creative possibilities.


Motion Pictures, Television, Commercial, Music, Animation Production, Graphic Design, Illustration, Graphic Novels, and Web Design just to name a few. Do you have a film idea? Animation? A commercial for your company? Blue Djinn is staffed with Directors, Cinematographers, Animators, and Designers to not only bring your vision to life, but also create all your prints, info-graphics, logos, posters, websites, and any other graphic design needs. Versatility is our specialty, creating new and interesting styles for your projects and establishing its own unique aesthetic identity. Whether you have ideas in mind or you're starting from scratch, our team can deliver a diverse array of styles, working closely with you to develop exactly what you're envisioning.


Take a look at some of our work and see for yourself. If you have an idea to bring to life, contact us and we will walk you through the whole process; quickly getting you a bid and schedule.

Our Team

Andrew Morton

Designer - Illustrator - Animator - Writer - CG Effects

Justine Spinoza

Editor  -  Cinematographer

Ryan Patrick Payne

Composer - Musician - Sound Design

H.D. Stone

Director - Producer - Cinematographer - Writer - Editor

Nathan Smith

Director  -  Cinematographer

H.D. Stone is Founding Producer/Director of Blue Djinn Studios. A filmmaker and Producer, his films are rooted in his belief in the trans-formative power of stories and humor. His work has ranged from corporate videos for Silicon Labs as their in-house Video Director to music videos and art films.

Andrew is the Art Director and all-around Artistic Ninja of Blue Djinn Studios. Working in all mediums and styles, his art ranges from strangely funny to alarmingly dark. He's a self-taught Community College drop-out with versatility and drive to be the best at everything he does.

Heather Barfield

Producer - Director

Ph.D. in Theater/Performance Studies (UT Austin), M.A. in Performance Studies (NYU),  B.A. in Anthropology (UT Austin). Barfield also studied at NYU’s Tisch Undergraduate Film/TV.  She is an exemplary producer/director, performer, writer and applies her enthusiasm for anthropology, new media, popular culture, and social justice issues in her art. Her work includes raw and experimental filmmaking, performance art, feminist theory, ritual theory, and the necessity of solid arts management.

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