"Freedom Diaries"

Directed by: H.D. Stone

Story by: H.D. Stone  -  Concept by: H.D. Stone

Written by: H.D. Stone and A. Macias

Edited by: Justine Spinoza

Graphics by: Andrew Morton

Sound and Music by: Ryan Patrick Payne

Additional Footage from: Prisonplanet.tv, RT Video Archive, and Youtube.com

Starring: H.D. Stone


Saving Superman

Directed by: H.D. Stone   -

Story by: H.D. Stone

Written by: H.D. Stone & A. Macias   -

Editor: H.D. Stone

Composer: Ryan Patrick Payne   -

Lighting: Ryan Kyle   -   Titles: Andrew Morton

Starring: J.R. Ryan   -   Kai Kirkham Macias   -   Giorgia Mari


Our Crew
Executive Producer: H.D. Stone - Director: H.D. Stone - Cinematographer : Nathan Smith
Editor: Justine Spinoza - CG Effects/Titles: Andrew Morton

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